Enterprise Technology Research (ETR) is a technology market research firm that leverages proprietary data from our targeted IT decision-maker (ITDM) community to provide actionable insights about spending intentions and industry trends. Since 2010, we have worked diligently at achieving one goal: eliminating the need for opinions in enterprise research, which are often formed from incomplete, biased, and statistically insignificant data. Our community of ITDMs is positioned to provide best-in-class customer/evaluator perspectives. ETR’s proprietary data and insights from this community empower institutional investors, technology companies, and ITDMs to navigate the complex enterprise technology landscape amid an expanding marketplace.
We provide the experience, expertise, products, and services to assist our clients through:
  1. Conducting dedicated custom surveys with a targeted group of IT decision makers to understand what is behind the trends shaping the enterprise technology landscape.
  2. Learning from the narrative behind the data by sponsoring, listening, or reviewing the transcripts in our ETR Insights library from our IT expert community.
  3. Driving deeper insights with ETR Connect, which helps identify and target IT experts based on experience, tech stack, budget, industry, and company size for targeted and relevant 1:1 calls.
  4. Exploring our extensive library of forward-looking macro, sector-wide, and vendor-specific research reports written by our expert data and content teams.
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